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Craig and Kristen Day

Craig and Kristen Day

RaceDAY Outreach is a ministry serving Dells Raceway Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Craig Day is the track chaplain. He attends races to offer encouragement and prayer to drivers, crews, family and anyone else who may seek comfort in times of need. Racing is exciting, but it can also be stressful and even dangerous. As chaplain, Craig is on hand for any need that may arise.

The racing community is unique in that racing takes families away from their church homes most weekends. We bring church to the track to the track so the racing community does not have to choose between racing and commitments to faith.

How It Happened

(Craig’s story)

The back roads from our home to church pass right by Slinger Speedway. For years, there was always this thought in my mind that I needed to stop and find out if there was a ministry at the track (or not), start one if there wasn’t or help with one that was already there. Our actual involvement in this ministry started in May of 2015 when Jim Zeirke, chaplain at Slinger Speedway, contacted our church, Freedom Fellowship. After meeting Pastor Brent, Jim wanted to invite him to do the invocation at a race.

My wife Kristen and I both get copied whenever someone fills out the contact form because of our involvement in church. When I saw Jim’s note, I immediately replied and said, “Hi. I’m Craig. I get copied…that’s how I got your info…I’ve been wondering for a long time…How can I help?” Kristen wrote me a message a few minutes later saying, “This is your ministry!” I do work on cars for a living! After exchanging a few emails, I shadowed Jim at Slinger and instantly knew racing ministry was my calling. I also continues to shadow Jim, who has become a wonderful mentor and friend.

Kristen was excited for the opportunity. She was completely ignorant about racing, but knew it was a great opportunity for me. Out of curiosity, she asked if Wisconsin Dells needed a chaplain. Kristen grew up as a seasonal camper in the Dells and had wonderful memories of weekends spent at campgrounds. I didn’t think so because of an earlier email from Jim, but it turned out, after Jim did some further investigating, that Dells Raceway Park did not have a chaplain and was in need of one! He “coincidentally” wrote an email asking if we’d have interest in serving at the Dells–literally WHILE Kristen and I were talking about it. We are active church members, which means weekends are generally not free to go camping. All of a sudden, God provided a way to minister and camp!

We will frequently update this site to let you know our progress. Learn more about us, or see some of the needs we have identified for our ministry.

Thank you and God bless!

Craig Day